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Brand relaunch campaign for Aviation Week & Space Technology

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New product launch campaign for Whiptail Technologies


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Brand positioning campaign for VISTA Electrical

EXPERIENCE/ Some of our clients are niche players, some are category-leading global organizations. Our experience spans a wide range of industries, including: healthcare and life science; high-tech products; industrial; engineering services; aviation; aerospace and defense; global logistics; personal injury law firms; financial advisers and investment companies.


Global clients. Local attitude/ East House Creative is a multi-channel branding and advertising agency located just outside of New York City. We work with global brands like GE Healthcare, Coldwell Banker, Penton and many other industry leaders; serving marketers throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. It has also been our honor to work with local businesses such as the NJ-based Zeus Scientific. Regardless of the size of your organization, our business model is centered on developing messaging strategies and creative ideas that fuel effective brand communications.

The power of EQ, IQ and hard work/ We pride ourselves on our ability to understand complex products in niche B-to-B markets and to tell their stories in simple and compelling ways. Whether targeting people in life science, healthcare, high-tech, aerospace, finance, or any other industry; we always search for the human vibe that helps us break through the clutter, connect and engage. Convincing scientists, doctors, aircraft engineers, software developers or C-level executives takes more than an emotional story. It takes clearly communicated advantages. We carefully study our clients’ offerings, target markets, and audiences. We craft messages that communicate in quick, smart and effective ways.

Fearlessly creative/ We’ve gathered a multi-talented group of people who don’t hesitate to infuse new meaning in creative and deliver thought-provoking concepts on target.

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