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Welcome to Advertising and Branding 2.1.

Design. Advertising. Web and Interactive. Brand Development. Creative Inspiration. If there’s a way to connect with consumers, we’ll find it.


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Our creative process begins with the ceremonial “opening of the ears.” Because only by listening to you can we truly understand your needs. And only by understanding your needs can we deliver inspired and effective creative.

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Advertising ain't what it used to be.

And that’s a good thing. Advertising has entered a new age. Consumers are more media savvy than ever. They’re less tolerant of intrusions in their daily lives, and they’re not shy about tuning them out. Which means that today your brand has to be more memorable, more relevant, and more likeable than ever before.

Creative agencies have evolved, too. Today, it’s no longer about just hiring an ad agency or design firm. It’s about finding unique and innovative ways to connect with people on multiple levels. It’s about crafting strategies that are on-target and creating work that becomes part of popular culture. It’s mixing print, direct mail and digital together to give consumers a complete 360-degree marketing experience.
Technology, the Internet and search engines have changed the rules of marketing. Big ideas can now reach further and don’t come only from Madison Avenue ad agencies. Guerilla marketing isn’t unconventional anymore. Unusual approaches, thought-provoking concepts, marketing buzz and viral marketing are no longer just “guerilla marketing weapons,” these terms have entered the lingo of every smart marketer.
These are exciting, energizing and challenging times for advertising agencies of all sizes. This is what gets East House going in the morning and keeps us running late at night. For over a decade we have been the creative force for various clients in New Jersey, New York, national, international, small, medium and large. Today we’re more ready then ever, so whether your business is just getting off the ground, or hitting new strides, we’re here to tackle the toughest marketing problems and deliver the results you’re after.

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